iPhone Repair


Have a cracked iPhone screen? Or is your headphone jack malfunctioning? Or perhaps your home screen button doesn’t work anymore. Regardless of the problem, iTech Cell Phone Repair has the solution. We provide repairs on many iPhone models, including iPhone 4 models through the most recent iPhone release.

Our Full List of iPhone Repair Services

Again, we provide a litany of repair services for iPhones here at iTech Cell Phone Repair. Stop into one of our locations if you have any of the following problems:

  • Cracked Screen
  • Faulty LCD (screen lights)
  • Broken Headphone Jack
  • Broken Loud Speaker
  • Broken Earpiece
  • Broken Lighting Port
  • Broken Charger Port
  • Broken Volume Control
  • Broken Home Button
  • Bad Battery
  • Broken Camera


Our Pricing

Most of our iPhone repairs have fixed prices. For more complex repairs, we may have to provide you with a quote. Our iPhone repair pricing is as follows:

iPhone Screen Repairs by Model

  • iPhone 4/4S Screen Repair $50
  • iPhone 5 Screen Repair $80
  • iPhone 5C Screen Repair $80
  • iPhone 5S Screen Repair $80
  • iPhone 6 Screen Repair $100
  • iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair $130
  • iPhone 6S Screen Repair $125
  • iPhone 6S Plus Screen Repair Plus $190
  • 6S And 6S Plus Prices Differ For Non-Working LCD


Other iPhone Repairs

  • Loud Speaker $30-$50
  • Earpiece $30-$50
  • Lighting Port $40-$60
  • Charger Port $30-$60
  • Volume Control $50-$60
  • Home Button $30-40
  • Headphone Jack $50
  • Battery $30-$40
  • Back Camera $30-$60
  • Front Camera $30-$50

Not Sure if We Can Help?

If there’s an issue with your phone, it’s very likely that we can help. We have certified smartphone repair technicians on staff with extensive knowledge of iPhones. Please, get in touch with us or stop into one of our stores if you’re uncertain whether we can repair your phone. We can even provide you with a free quote, so you know the price to expect once your phone is up and running once again.

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